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Friendship & Membership



Anyone can be a Friend of NHCORR, provided they share the Coalition’s values, complete and submit an application, make an annual membership contribution, and abide by the requirements set forth in our By-Laws. Friends of NHCORR do not have to be associated with any certified recovery home. Your unrestricted donation supports things such as  housing assistance, certification support, leadership development and so much more!

There are 5 levels of Friendship:







Bronze Friend: $100-$249

Silver Friend: $250-$499

Gold Friend: $500-$999

Platinum Friend: $1,000+

Friend: $1-$99

Perks for Friends
  • Friends receive a discount on NHCORR trainings.

  • Friends receive the NHCORR newsletter. 

  • Silver, Gold and Platinum Friends are listed in the NHCORR Annual Report.

  • Friends may sit on the Board of Directors and any subcommittee of the Board. 

Any organization that owns and operates one or more NHCORR certified homes is a Member,  provided they share the Coalition’s values, retain certification for at least one home and abide by the requirements set forth in our By-Laws.
Perks for Members
  • Members may vote annually on the election of Director vacancies and issues of policy, action or direction as raised at the annual membership meeting. 

  • Members are eligible for nomination for Director vacancies. 

  • Members may serve on sub-committees formed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  

  • Members may attend NHCORR sponsored trainings at no additional cost, by voluntary contribution, or at a member discount according to expenses incurred by NHCORR relative to the training. 

  • Member’s NHCORR certified homes are listed on the NHCORR website.

  • Residents and incoming residents of NHCORR certified homes are eligible for the NHCORR Housing Assistance Program.

  • Members are eligible for other programs and benefits that are developed by NHCORR.

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