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Housing Assistance Fund for Incoming or Established Residents of NHCORR-Certified Recovery Homes

Housing Assistance Notice 8/22/23

NHCORR is experiencing an unprecedented, overwhelming number of applications for housing assistance. The State of NH, through DHHS and the Governor's Council on Alcohol and other Drugs, along with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and other organizations, has been generously supporting this program and continues to do so. With these funds, NHCORR has awarded a total of one million to approximately 2,000 people for housing assistance since the inception of the program in March of 2020. This would not be possible without the generous support of the State of NH, DHHS, the NH Charitable Foundation and others. NHCORR's small team of three continues to advocate for funding with these organizations and others to secure additional sources of funding for this program. However, the response is overwhelming. If you find your application for housing assistance is not granted, please contact 211 for further assistance. 

To be qualified for housing assistance, you must:

  1. Be in recovery.

  2. Be accepted into or live in an NHCORR-Certified Recovery Residence. Click here for a list of our certified homes.

Note: The applicant must have a personal email address to apply for Housing Assistance. Homeowners or case managers may assist applicants in the process but may not apply for applicants. All award notices will be sent through email to the applicant. The applicant may also check application status through their portal at any time.

Note: This portal is for Home Owners and House Operators only.

There are a limited number of awards available each week.  


If selected, the applicant will receive an email stating there is a status update in their portal. The award letter is accessible from the applicant portal. The applicant must present the award letter to an NHCORR certified recovery residence within 2 weeks of the date of the letter. In special circumstances, NHCORR may extend a grace period. Contact us before the expiration date if your circumstances have changed.

Both the applicant and the house operator will sign the Award Letter and submit the Award Letter and the signed and dated Housing Agreement to NHCORR before the expiration date of the Award. Awards not claimed within this time frame will expire.


The House Operator will be notified at the earliest time the finanical affidavit can be submitted. The House Operator will log into the House Operator Portal to submit the fnancial affidavit.

Data is being collected on what areas of the state are affected by addiction to determine what areas of the state are underserved.

This information is being used to encourage financial assistance funding and the development of recovery residences in all areas of the state. The applicant’s name will never be attached to location information and will not be shared with outside organizations.


Information of Award Recipients disclosed during the application process may be shared with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.


Note:  NHCORR will never share or distribute any personal information to outside parties without express consent from the applicant.

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