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The following links were curated by NHCORR and are relevant to issues regarding recovery housing. The below resources are not a substitute for the services of an attorney or land-use specialist. If you have a resource that would be of interest to those seeking or supporting recovery housing, please send to NHCORR at to be considered for listing.

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Recovery Capital Scale

Granfield & Cloud

Numeric scale to measure one's recovery capital.


A Primer on Recovery Residences: FAQs

National Alliance for Recovery Residences

NARR's comprehensive primer on recovery housing and sober living. 

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Oxford House Inc. v. H. Butch Browning

U.S District Court - Middle District of Louisiana

Recent recovery housing victory regarding discriminatory enforcement of safety codes.


APA policy statementof the efficacy of safe, alcohol and drug-free living environments for persons in recovery.


Fair Housing in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Municipal Association

A primer on the Fair Housing Act and how it establishes discrimination-free housing as a civil right.

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How the Fair Housing Act applies to recovery residences for people in recovery disabled by addiction.


A guide book for New Hampshire planners published by New Hampshire Housing. 


Policy Guide on Community Residences

American Planning Association

Adopted by special delegate assembly and ratified by the board of directors of The American Planning Association 1997.

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Law review article regarding the use of zoning regulations as a tool of discrimination.


Law review article regarding the regulation of recovery residences.


Oxford House v. Town of Babylon - Discrimination Suit

United States District Court - New York 

Case regarding the particulars of family living and what constitutes a single-family dwelling.


Decision that clarifies that group sober-living homes may belong in single-family residential zones. 


NHDHHS' voluntary registry and application for recovery residences in New Hampshire


Westchester County, NY settles suit alleging the County had falsely certified that it had complied with its obligations to affirmatively further fair housing in order to receive over $50 million in federal housing funds.


Guidelines for Personal Safety and Public Recovery and Self-Disclosure

Selected Papers of William White

Earlier blogs in this series explored the benefits and limitations of public recovery disclosure, the potential risks to multiple parties involved in such disclosure, and the ethics of recovery disclosure. In this final blog in the series, we explore guidelines for individuals and organizations aimed at minimizing risks related to public recovery disclosure.


National Overview of Recovery Housing Accreditation Legislation and Licensing

The Mental Health & Addiction Certification Board of Oregon.

In an effort to assess state policies on the accreditation and regulation of recovery residences, we reviewed “recovery residence” state administrative rules, accreditation and licensing in 50 U.S. states, including 2019-2020 proposed legislative bills.

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Joint statement from HUD & DOJ regarding state and local land use laws and practices and the application of the FHA.

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Joint statement from HUD & DOJ regarding state and local land use laws and practices and the application of the FHA.

Court finds residents in a Recovery Residence to be residents of a group home and to not have tenant rights with respect to eviction.