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Conflict Resolution

The NHCORR Ombudsman responds to and reviews concerns about NHCORR certified recovery homes as those concerns relate to a home’s commitment to the NARR Standard, the NARR Code of Ethics, or the home’s Code of Ethics.

The mission of the Ombudsman is to review, mediate, educate, problem solve, and promote quality improvement, when necessary, in certified recovery homes, rather than to investigate or police recovery home operations. In this spirit we do not consider anonymous concerns or complaints.

If you are a resident or recent resident (within the last two weeks) of an NHCORR certified recovery home, and you have developed a concern or engaged in a conflict with your recovery home or recovery home operator, we encourage you to make use of your home’s internal grievance procedure before contacting NHCORR.

If you have already used your home's internal grievance procedure, have experienced retaliation for making a complaint, or do not feel comfortable reporting your issue internally, submit your grievance below or email and we will be in touch as quickly as possible.

Send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly.

NHCORR will be in touch as quickly as possible!

The New Hampshire Coalition of Recovery Residences provides qualified translators or translations of published material to persons with limited or no English proficiency where necessary to afford such individuals an equal opportunity to benefit from our concerns process. In such cases, translators or translations will be provided at no additional cost to the consumer seeking the services of the Ombudsman. Consumers are solely responsible for informing the Ombudsman of the need for a translator or translation when contacting the Ombudsman at to register a concern about a certified homes adherence to the NARR Standard.
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