Housing Assistance Fund for Incoming or Established Residents of NHCORR-Certified Recovery Homes

To be qualified for housing assistance, you have to:

  1. Be in recovery.

  2. Be accepted into or live in a NHCORR-Certified Recovery Residence. Click here for a list of our certified homes. 

  3. Have applied for unemployment and can show proof of unemployment award or have a strong reason for not applying for unemployment. 

  4. List all other expected housing assistance money.

Click here to apply for NHCORR Housing Assistance

Housing assistance will not exceed 75% of an applicant’s monthly rent, up to $750. There are a limited number of awards available each week.  


If selected, the recovery residence must submit a Financial Affidavit along with a copy of the applicant’s signed and dated rental agreement. Awards may be reduced based on information in the Financial Affidavit. 


Awards are given to residents based on the state’s 13 Public Health Network Regions.


Use the Public Health Network map to help fill out the application:


  • Applicants should include the Public Health Region where their certified recovery residence is located. For example, a home in Concord is in the Capital Region. 


  • Applicants should  include the location of their current or past residence and that of his/her family’s residence.


  • Applicants should include where they work, if applicable.  


Note:  NHCORR will never share or distribute any personal information to outside parties without express consent from the applicant.