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NHCORR is seeking a full time Administrator with the energy to transition us from a band of volunteers to a fully responsive, professional non-profit organization. The NHCORR Administrator will build the NHCORR infrastructure from the ground up and develop the relationships with agencies, organizations, community partners, and individuals with the interest and resources to support NHCORR’s mission. The Administrator will maintain our certification process and help develop services of assistance to the recovery home community throughout New Hampshire.





The ideal candidate will be a collaborator, a diplomat, a passionate advocate of civil rights, an empathetic supporter of persons in recovery from substance use disorder, an effective communicator and a solid writer, a believer in the power of non-profits to change the world, a responsible money manager, a humble but engaging public speaker, a lover of detail, an aspiring copy editor, an attention span warrior, and a fountain of patience and tolerance, real or borrowed. At times we will also need you to be the grown-up in the room.


Minimum qualifications include the willingness to test drive management software systems; the ability to ask for and to offer help; comfortability with creating, organizing and delivering reports with enthusiasm, even if they secretly bore you; expertise with Word and whatever else you need to use to get the job done; some sort of proven management/social services/change the world experience; a relevant post-secondary degree or at least a convincing explanation for how you’ll make use of that Russian Literature degree in this position; a sensitivity to the power of language to stigmatize or uplift; an inner drive to establish and maintain organizational systems but the ability to tolerate chaos or crisis that is beyond your control; the ability to recognize inherent bias and to practice cultural competency. 




  • Establish an NHCORR central office.


  • Manage the operating budget and work closely with the Board Treasurer, the Finance sub-committee, and professional financial service providers to ensure accurate, timely reporting as required by state contracts and state and federal law.  


  • Improve existing certification policies, procedures, and materials as directed by the Board of Directors and the results of practical application and volunteer experience-based suggestions. Organize and maintain the record-keeping of each certification and track progress of in-process certifications. If necessary, oversee the transition to a digital certification system.


  • Develop relationships with New Hampshire charitable organizations, public health and housing organizations, and DHHS to develop an understanding of grant and funding opportunities; develop relationships with civil rights, safety, and legal resource organizations that might benefit the New Hampshire recovery housing community.


  • Collaborate with Ombudsman/Training Specialist relative to the status of concerns, certifications under review, development of training, training logistics and support materials. Maintain strict diplomacy and confidentiality when interacting with the public in all matters concerning the Board of Directors and the Ombudsman process.


  • Organize, plan, and direct all NHCORR special projects such as an annual conference of housing providers and referring professionals, a Board of Directors hosted Open House at the new NHCORR headquarters that you will establish, or publication of a Best Practices Manual for housing providers.


  • Maintain a working knowledge of NARR activities and positions; participate in NARR affiliate conference calls and conferences.


  • Supervise junior (part-time) staff and volunteers.


  • Assist prospective housing providers who express interest in establishing recovery homes in critical need locations, for critical need populations, or for critical need recovery pathways.


  • Provide assistance to recovery home operators and leadership by answering questions on an as needed basis via telephone, email, and in-person meetings and/or coordinate response with appropriate volunteers or Board members.


  • Support the Board of Directors by preparing and distributing meeting agendas, preparatory materials, and meeting reminders. Maintain a working knowledge of NHCORR bylaws and ensure that Board activities comply with state and federal guidelines. Inform the Board on all important factors influencing the conditions and operations of  NHCORR and discern the appropriate timing of information delivery between regularly scheduled Board meetings. Attend sub-committee meetings at the request of  the Board.


  • Prepare to write grants and funding proposals in the second year by pursuing grant writing training and assistance, if necessary, from community partners and resources.


  • Respond to press inquiries with diplomacy and tact; carry yourself as the public relations representative for the NHCORR mission.


  • Establish and manage referral processes between NHCORR certified homes and referring agencies such as recovery community organizations, corrections professionals, and the NH Doorways.


  • Maintain an appropriate, diplomatic, informative presence on NHCORR social media platforms. Ensure that the website is current and informative.


  • Maintain awareness and use of appropriate and progressive language concerning substance use disorder recovery, using the most recent AP Style Guide as a foundation for acceptable, non-stigmatizing language.


  • Track, attend, and report back to the Board on pertinent proposed state legislation.


  • Establish and maintain working relationship with communications service providers (printers, graphic designers, etc.) and other vendors, ensuring timely delivery and competitive pricing.


Interested candidates should email a resume to committee@nhcorr.com by December 10, 2019.  With the resume, please include a cover letter that articulates your unique qualifications or enthusiasm for the position and the NHCORR mission. Cover letters will double as a candidate's writing sample so please use your cover letter as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the NHCORR Board of Directors.

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Please Note:  The NHCORR independent 501(c)(3) is in the works!  Homestead Recovery Group (registered with the New Hampshire Charitable Trust Unit) is our temporary hosting 501(c)(3).  Please be assured that 100% of all donations and membership contributions go directly to NHCORR to support legal expenses, member training, events, and NARR affiliate dues. Tax deductible contributions by members or friends can be made to:

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