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NHCORR has an opening for an energetic, independent individual interested in joining a grass roots organization as an advocate, relationship builder, educator, building inspector and mediator. NHCORR’s mission is to build strong recovery communities, to eliminate barriers to recovery supportive housing and to promote best practice standards for New Hampshires’s alcohol and drug free homes. NHCORR is the state affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR.)

Job Description

Purpose: To assist in certification of recovery residences according to NHCORR standards, to build community relationships, to assist in the development of trainings and to mediate complaints from residents against NHCORR recovery residences.

Responsibilities include: developing community relations, providing technical support to recovery residence owners, inspecting recovery residences according to NHCORR standards, developing and conducting trainings, and mediating complaints.


Essential Functions:

1. Mediation of complaints:

  • receive and investigate complaint

  • assist in determining if complaint should be sent to state agency

  • assist recovery residences in mitigating complaint

  • provide Board subcommittee with findings of investigation and recommendation for reconciliation


2. Inspect recovery residences

  • visit the recovery residence for an initial contact, initial interview, final walk-through inspection

  • provide techincal support to recovery residence to assist them in meeting best practices as set for in NHCORR certification standards

  • enter all findings into the certification data base

  • provide recommendation to Executive Director and Board for certification of a residence and/or next course of action

  • perform random site inspections of NHCORR certified recovery residences, interview residents to ensure standards are being followed


3. Build Community Relations

  • Seek out and make contact with recovery residences that are not yet NHCORR certified

  • Help to build good neighbor relations when visiting houses

  • Assist in building relationships with state and town officials (fire departments, police departments, zoning boards, selectmen, etc.)


4. Trainings

  • Communicate needs of recovery community to Executive Director and Bard for the purpose of developing trainings

  • Assist with training by being part of the training team, making presentations and relating relevant experiences


5. Other Duties

  • Attend job trainings as required

  • Attend monthly Board meetings

  • Take on additional tasks as directed by the Executive Director



  • Experience with recovery community

  • Passion for NHCORR mission

  • Advocate for NHCORR

  • Ability to act as a mediator

  • Ability to respond to complaints within 24 hours

  • Cool tempered, friendly, reliable

  • Valid NH driver’s license and access to transportation for statewide travel

  • Ability to work independently

  • Ability to be creative within the bounds of NHCORR


Reports to: Executive Director


Schedule: This a 24 hour per week position. There is flexibility in scheduling. This position requires extensive travel through New Hampshire and one office day a week.


Compensation: Competitive salary and health insurance package.


To apply:  please send a resume and cover letter and salary requirements to

NHCORR is an equal employment opportunity employer. We seek a broad and diverse pool of candidates and strongly believe that our organization benefits from the perspectives and talents of a diverse staff.

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