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How do I best stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic?

The CDC currently recommends cancelling social gatherings, avoiding non-essential travel, and keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from others as means of avoiding the current pandemic. The virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets, so avoid touching your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth if you haven't washed your hands. Remember to contact 211 for local resources, and stay closely tuned into the NH DHHS COVID-19 Response. If you are in recovery and think you would benefit from local recovery resources or naloxone, contact your closest Doorway Program to see ways they can help. We strongly encourage the use of facemasks within your recovery home.

Am I eligible for unemployment benefits because of the virus?

If you have been displaced from your work due to the virus, you very might well be eligible for unemployment benefits. The State of New Hampshire is constantly monitoring our unemployment situation and will be updating its policies on a regular basis. Visit their site to learn more about and/or apply for benefits. Remember to also file your taxes, even if you don't think you qualify for a refund, as Americans are now receiving their stimulus checks.

I am out of work, but would still like to stay busy. What are my options?

While many in-person activities and events have been cancelled, there are still many ways to stay busy and be involved in your community. Volunteer NH has continually been updating their site with ways to help during this crisis, including methods of supporting non-profits, medical workers, and other stressed sectors. Volunteer Match is another comprehensive resource that provides both in-person and remote volunteer opportunities, both locally and nationally. Beyond volunteering, many communities are holding services, like religious meetings and town halls on services like Zoom and Skype. If you belong to local organizations, clubs, or boards, reach out to them and see what is available.

Are Recovery Support Groups still meeting?

While most in-person support groups have been dispanded during the COVID crisis, many groups have started hosting virtual meetings for the time being. For AA meetings, check the NHAA site. This Reddit post has also bookmarked a wonderful plethora of recovery meetings and resources.

I am concerned about food security. What are my options?

There are many local resources that help provide food to individuals like the NH Food Bank, the NH SNAP Program, and Meals on Wheels.

Where can I find more information about COVID resources?

Check out our COVID-19 resource guide here!

Business Resources

What do I do if I suspect one of my residents has COVID-19?

If you are worried that any of your residents potentially contracted the virus, call your local health provider, or the CDC at 800-232-4636. Keep as much of a distance as you can at all times from other residents and employees, and wash your hands after interacting with others. Review the CDC guidelines for staying safe during the pandemic.

I am worried about that a resident will not be able to pay rent due to displacement from the virus. What are my options for ensuring financial stability?

Any displaced individuals should apply for unemployment through the state site. NHCORR also has the ability to provide rental assistance to individuals who need financial support, and applications can be found on our website under the "Housing Assistance" tab.

How do I maintain a safe, healthy environment in my house(s) during this time?

While this is undoubtedly a hard time for all, it is imperative that, as a property owner/manager, residents can still count on properties living up to the NHCORR standard of safety and order. This means that managers and landlords should be doing their best to make sure that houses are cleaned, disinfected, and monitored. We strongly suggest, where possible, making sure that houses are stocked with essential supplies like paper towels, disinfectant cleaners, and sanitizers. Residents and property owners/managers should be in constant communication about updates related to the virus and housing.

Do I still have the right to evict residents for typical evictable reasons during the crisis?

According to DHHS, it is unclear if residents of recovery homes have tenants rights. However, it is the position of NARR and many states in the country that residents of recovery residences do have tenants rights. Regardless, according the the Governor's Emergency Orders, if it is in the best interest of the health and wellbeing of the other members of the household, the resident may be asked to leave for non payment of rent or relapse. According to NARR best practices, the owner/operator should give a great deal of understanding to all residents and work with people to best encourage their recovery in this extremely stressful time. If a resident is asked to leave, NARR highly recommends securing a safe place for that person to go to. DHHS would like to make it clear that any removal of a resident from a recovery residence during this epidemic could result in a court action that would determine the rights of the resident. Click here to view the Governor's Emergency Orders regarding current landlord/tenant dynamics.

What financial resources are available to me as a landlord/property owner?

1. Payroll Protection Program - Eligible borrowers can receive 2.5X their monthly payroll and can use the funds for payroll, benefits, rent, mortgage, utilities. 2. Economic Injury Loan - Eligible borrowers may receive up to $10,000 within three days to help cover operational expenses. *Both of these loans are expected to be forgiven. Do not wait to apply - funds are being depleted quickly. You can apply for both loans but you cannot use them for the same purpose.* 3. SBA Low Interest Loan - Rates for SBA loans have fallen to 3.75% from around 12%.

How can I ensure I have enough Naloxone for my residence?

All requests for Naloxone can currently be directed to Rob O'Hannon at the DHHS. He can be reached via email at While NHCORR currently requires one package of Naloxone per room, we suggest that each resident has at least their own package and a backup.

When can my residents/staff receive COVID-19 vaccinations?

All updates relevant to COVID vaccinations will be posted by the NH DHHS here.