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Accept and Verify Your NHCORR Housing Assistance Award

Please click the link below to upload your signed Award Letter and a signed copy of your housing agreement (with listed housing fees). The award letter must be signed by both the resident and the house operator. 

  • Award letters are null and void within two weeks from the date of the letter.

  • You have 24 hours from your entrance date to submit these documents, so please plan accordingly. 

  • As a reminder, your award can be applied to any NHCORR-certified home.

  • If you have any questions regarding what you need to submit, please contact

NOTE- Please label your file submissions using the below format:

  • Award Letter:

    • Resident Last Name.Resident First Name.Award

      • IE- Smith.John.Award​

  • Agreement: 

    • Resident Last Name.Resident First Name. Agreement

      • IE- Smith.John.Agreement​

Click here to submit documents

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